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Stamped concrete flooring is applicable for parking places, walkways, etc. The company offers a wide range of patterns and forms of stamped concrete, as well as a wide range of colors.

Stamped concrete may be applied both horizontally and vertically.

Stamped concrete is reinforced cement-based flooring.

The warranty period for durability of the flooring is from 5 to 10 years.

When the time comes to arrange a beautiful balcony, walkway or driveway around your home, or for building attractive roads, the stamped concrete is the most suitable for this purposes.

Stamped concrete flooring is a way for the conventional concrete to look like a beautiful colorful flooring, resambling tiles, split stone, rectangular or round pavers, rocks, etc. The design is printed in the concrete after being poured, in any case before it begins to harden. The following operations are smoothening with special equipment for stamped concrete, rounding the corners with a special tool, rubbing of hardeners, dyes for stamped concrete, application of dividers (separators) for stamped concrete to prevent adhesion of the wet concrete in the rubber stamps that leave a permanent pattern (footprint at your choice) on your concrete.

The following operation is washing of the stamped concrete and polishing (impregnation).


The basic colour is chosen to reflect the color of the natural stamped concrete. The basic colour is obtained by adding the color and concrete hardener. The paint for integral coloring of stamped concrete is a powdered pigment used to color the stamped concrete.

Integral coloring of stamped concrete is a procedure for which the entire volume of concrete is getting colored in the basic color. The concrete surface is coloured by spreading of a surface color (hardener) for stamped concrete (decorative concrete) on the surface of the fresh concrete.

Concrete can be coloured in many different colors or different shades, two or three colours on one square meter of stamped concrete. Chemical coloring of stamped concrete is another standard way of coloring. The emphasis is a secondary color used in the stamped concrete. The secondary color is used for additional stamped concrete coloring.

Bianco (c)

Cream (c)

Sun Buff (b)

Mapplewood (c)

Beige (a)

Desert Tan (a)

Tabacco (a)

Sand Buff (a)

Yellow Buff (b)

Coral (c)

Rosa (c)

Waccamaw (b)

Rosso Mattone (b)

Terracotta (b)

Redwood (a)

Marrone (b)

Green (c)

Sky Blu (c)

Pewter (b)

Zinco (a)

Gray (a)

Charcoal (a)


Antique White

Adobe Buff

Yellow Buff


Sun Buff