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Mosaic flooring s applicable in places such as dairy, meat-processing plants, warehouses, etc. With high intensive loading from forklift trucks, pallet trucks and mobile machines up to 50 tons.
Easy to clean!!!

The warranty period for durability of the flooring is from 5 to 10 years.

Cracks and holes in mosaic:

Removal of cracks and holes in marble requires leveling of the crack (hole) itself, followed by filling with specially designed for this purpose mixture.

After about an hour, when the mixture has already got hardened, further grinding is following. After this procedure the crack (the hole) is being filled with a strong material with the same color and is nearly invisible.

Mosaic flooring can be processed both by dry or water grinding.

The company’s machines are suitable for polishing of marble both by dry and water grinding.
The process of mosaic dry grinding and polishing is carried out with the grinding and polishing machine with an attached thereto vacuum cleaner which vaccums the dust generated by sanding of mosaic.

The process of mosaic water grinding and polishing is done using a grinding machine with attached thereto water tank and a protective rubber that prevents contamination of the surrounding walls.

Immediately after the grinding with the machine, we use water-suction device which sucks up the sludge generated by the friction of diamond tools with the mosaic.

Removal of possible roughness and dirt on the mosaic requires sanding with abrasive diamond tools, size 30 (depending on the surface pattern or the degree of mosaic surface layer damage).

The next step is mosaic grinding and polishing with abrasive diamond tools size 100 ( after this procedure we get smooth, roughness and stains-free concrete).

The customer can chose not to apply the following procedures for greater smoothness and polish of the concrete, and there is a big difference in price!

The following procedure for mosaic grinding and polishing is a repetition of the process with diamond abrasive tools with a smaller grain size, where the procedures for perfectly polished mosaic are a total of 8, and thereafter machine-rubbing of mosaic hardeners is carried out for further increase of marble durability up to 7 times! After these procedures the mosaic gets a mirror-like surface and resistance to penetration by liquids and dirt of all kinds.

If you are not happy with the mosaic colour, we can offer a perfect solution thereof!

During the process of diamond grinding and polishing of mosaic it is possible to color it in several colours; also it is possible to make your own shapes and drawings by artist or iridescent templates, etc.

The paints used for the colouring of concrete or mosaic are chemical paints, which react with the cement and penetrate in depth; they are highly resistant and durable under all conditions. Chemical dyes are imported from the United States..

The company offers grinding and polishing of marble steps and walls!

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